Sports and Leisure Activities for Children, Teens and Youth Survey of the Municipality of Pontiac.  GAJ and PMP programming 2019-2020

Groupe Action Jeunesse (GAJ) and the Parents de la Municipalité de Pontiac (PMP) are community organizations of the Municipality of Pontiac whose mission is to offer stimulating local activities and sporting, cultural and recreational events that bring children, youth and their families together in our beautiful territory. In Groupe Action Jeunesse, we are a new committee of volunteers since September 2018 and we would like to know what your needs are in terms of sports, cultural and leisure activities and whether our current offer corresponds to your needs and expectations. Your answers will help us to better prepare and plan activities in the future. Please be specific in your answers and complete the survey for you and, if applicable, your children.

Please complete the online survey




You can also print and complete the survey on paper and submit it to the GAJ committee or mail it to: 14B Village Road, Luskville, QC, J0X2G0 before July 15, 2019. Leave your details and participate in the prize draw. Thank you for your valuable contribution. 

Thank you all for coming and making this event a success!  

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